CELLBELL Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Apple iPad Pro (9.7) and Compatible with iPad AIR

Price: INR 999.00 - INR 499.00
(as of UTC – Details)

*Are you looking to protect your expensive Smart-phone Display screen?
Then you on right page, because we offer a low cost insurance policy in the form of smooth clear tempered glass which is better than any screen guard you had ever you used in the past.
Being a tempered glass, it doesn’t feel like you have some plastic covering your phone displays because it offers a clear original screen like glass look and nobody usually notice its presence.

When unfortunately, your cellphone drops or caught under some accident it may seem like you may have lost your phone display screen which is so expensive to repair and then suddenly you notice nothing happened to your screen, as all the impact was taken by our tempered glass which sacrificed itself in protecting your phone screen and got itself shattered by not allowing even a single crack to pass through it towards your phone screen. This incident was happened with one of the smart person like you, who already got himself this high rewarding tempered glass at such a low cost from us instead of using unsecured scratch guards.

Along with protection against such unfortunate events, it also offers you other BENEFITS such as:
-Reliable Protection from Drops.
-Reliable Protection from Scratches.
-Easy Way to Maximize Resale Value.
-Reliable Bubble free Installation.
-Reliable HD Display Clarity.
-Reliable Touch-screen Accuracy.
-Reliable Hassle-Free 24 months Warranty.

-One Screen protector.
-Alcohol wet cloth pad.
-Clean Micro fibre Dry cloth.
-Cushion foam protection for glass.
-User Manual with Thank you note.
-Retail Packaging.
-24 months warranty against manufacturing defects only.

We are done here.

Happy Shopping friend!Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Compatible with iPad Pro (9.7) and iPad AIR 1 2
Easy to Install, Extra Hardness, Transparent, Long Lasting Protector, Full Display screen coverage

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