Crooked Holster : An Anthology of Crime and Thriller Writing

Price: INR 354.00
(as of UTC – Details)

Dip into a deadly bath, lurk in a dark Glasgow alley, solve a puzzle in a dark railway station bar. In this third volume of Crooked Holster, the stories and poems travel from Australia to America, from Switzerland to Scotland with many treacherous detours along the way. With a foreword from Andrew Taylor, award-winning crime and historical author of The Ashes of London, The American Boy and the Lydmouth series, the Crooked Holster series continues to showcase the very best in emerging crime and thriller writing. Troublesome tourists, bloody witnesses and untrustworthy servants mingle with hard-boiled detectives and betrayed – or betraying – spouses. Loitering with devious intent and unexpected twists from the finest team, this edition of Crooked Holster will leave you wondering who you can trust.

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