Health Sense Classic BP120 Heart Mate Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (Black/Grey)

Price: INR 2,299.00 - INR 1,044.00
(as of UTC – Details)

High blood pressure/hypertension is the biggest known cause of disability and premature death throughout the world in the form of renal failure, stroke, heart attack and heart diseases. Hypertension typically has no symptoms and therefore needs utmost care and constant monitoring. As we HealthSense, care for your healthy heart, we bring to you, Heart-Mate Classic Digital BP Monitor BP-120 which will assist you in maintaining your blood pressure levels. With its unique features, this device is highly accurate in monitoring hypertension which has been the main risk factor for heart and renal diseases apart from strokes.

For queries/assistance please contact the brand Mail Id:support@healthsense.inOscillometric measuring technology for improved pressure detection and accuracy
Extra-large bright LCD with black font for clear display
Irregular heart beat and body movement detector to avoid inaccurate results
Two user memory capacity of 120 readings each
Wider arm cuff (22-42cm) to fit regular and large sized arms
Efficiently equipped with a universal port of 6V compatible with multiple peripheral USB devices (laptop, desktop, power bank or any branded mobile charger)

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