Lappy Power 6 Cell Internal Battery for HP Probook 4320S 4420S (BIS Certified)

Price: INR 1,600.00 - INR 1,450.00
(as of UTC – Details)

Compatible for Compaq 320 Compaq 321 Compaq 325 Compaq 326 Compaq 420 Compaq 421 Compaq 425 Compaq 620 Compaq 621 Compaq 625 HP 420 HP 421 HP 425 HP Probook 4320s HP ProBook4320t 4321s HP ProBook 4320t HP ProBook 4325s HP ProBook 4326s HP ProBook 4420s HP ProBook 4421s HP ProBook 4425s HP ProBook 4520s HP ProBook 4525s HP ProBook 4720s,593572-001 BQ350AAVoltage: 11.1V Capacity : 4400mAh Type : Li-ion Cells : 6 Cell
Grade A cells ensure fast charges and low power consumption; Built-in circuit protection ensures both safety and stability
Compaitable Model : PH06 Probook 4320S, 4321S, 4325S, 4526S, 4420S, 4421S, 4520S, 4525S, Compaq 320, 325, 326, 420, 421, 620, 621
Compatible Part No : 593572-001 BQ350AA
BIS Approved, Fast, friendly and hassle free customer service with a full 12 Months warranty – if anything goes wrong, we’re here for you. Call us on 011-41808034

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