Oraima Laptop 15.6 Inch Screen Guard

Price: INR 999.00 - INR 199.00
(as of UTC – Details)

Oraima Electro Power Laptop 15.6 Inch Screen Guard Exact Fit for 15.6 Laptops To safeguards your laptop screen from scratches, the Laptop 15.6 Inch Screen Guard is a wise option. This Laptop Screen Protector is an exact fit for all 15.6-inch laptops including HP, Compact, Lenovo, Sony and Acer. It is gum-free which allows you to easily install and remove without leaving any residues on the screen. By applying this protector, you not only make your device look unique but also increases its resale value. Acts as a Protection Shield The screen protector is resistant to dust and scratches which allow you to protect your device from dirt, dullness and minor scratches. Keeping in users in mind, the protector is designed with an anti-glare feature which protects your eyes from harmful UV radiations. Superb Transparency The Laptop screen guard offers 3 layers of protection for clean and smooth fitting. It is completely transparent that ensures the quality of your laptop display is not compromised. The Screen Protector is an ideal solution for better maintenance of your laptop’s screen.Anti-Scratch and Dust
Anti-Glare and UV
Scratch Resistant, Anti Fingerprint, 100% Transparent
Filters out 99% of UVB light from your screen or reflecting to your eyes
Ultra-thin writing surface gives pleasant feel and excellent character recognition

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